Community out-reach Program

Live Well Rwanda believes in interdependence and interconnectedness of all beings, we also believe healthy thriving communities contribute to the success of individuals through contribution to their passion and their professional careers. It is our responsibility to come together as members of the community to answer to some of its pressing issues including, climate change, food security, mental health problems, and non communicable diseases.

Since 2018 Emmanuel Manirarora and Alexis Havugimana the founders of Live Well Rwanda have been training needy families on nutrition and food security through Permagarden Projects. In addition, we have been teaching families mindfulness exercises to help them deal with daily stress. In 2020 Emmanuel and Alexis founded L&W.R Ltd , a local company branded on social media as Live Well Rwanda with the mission of promoting wellness in the Rwandan Community through yoga, mindfulness, Qi Gong and other holistic fitness services. The aim is to contribute to reducing the burden of non- communicable diseases and promoting mental well-being. Live Well Rwanda through its community outreach program has continued the work of Emmanuel and Alexis to train families on nutrition, food security, and mindfulness exercises. So Far there are over 500 trained families, in Huye , Gisagara, Rulindo , Gasabo, Gakenke and Bugesera. Live Well Rwanda is interested in sustainable gardening and food security, environmental protection and fighting climate change, poverty reduction, mental resilience, and fighting and prevention of non- communicable diseases.

You can get involved in our community outreach program by investing in one of the projects either by investing your time, skills, financial support and other needed ressources. Here are the projects we implement :

  • Home organic gardening using permagarden approach
  • Fruits and medicinal trees planting
  • Micro-saving and small investment training
  • Mental resilience and mindfulness training
  • Hike+Yoga Bi-weekly community event. (Topic : most depressing issues of our modern day)
    View the schedule (as Ituze) and book the session of your choice.
I spent the most impactful time with Live well Rwanda Team, they are very suppotive and I enjoyed every second we spend in the nature!
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